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Data Protection Policy

This policy has been developed to ensure Up to Speed Training & Assessment Ltd’s compliance with the Data Protection Act (1998) which came into force on 1 March 2000. The focus of the Act is on protecting personal data, which is information from which an individual can be identified. This includes data that is stored as hard copies and/or on computer systems, including emails.

This policy outlines how Up to Speed Training & Assessment Ltd in practice complies with the principles of the Act. 

1. Up to Speed Training & Assessment Ltd collects the minimum amount of personal data required for the purposes of processing with the consent of the individual who is made aware as to the purpose(s) of the data collection. 

In the case of data deemed to be sensitive (e.g. gender, ethnic origin) training providers must request and process certain data for equal opportunities monitoring purposes as specified in the relevant codes of practice and accreditation criteria laid down by the Regulators (Ofqual and SQA). 

Training providers are also asked to indicate whether a candidate has a ‘special need’ so that awarding bodies can make contact with the training provider to consider what reasonable adjustments might be made to ensure equality of opportunity for that particular candidate. 

Records of reasonable adjustments are retained and made available to the regulatory authorities for monitoring purposes only.

2. Up to Speed Training & Assessment Ltd processes the data only for the purposes for which it was obtained:

- registration and certification of trainees and candidates

- approval and quality assurance of instructors and assessors 

Up to Speed Training & Assessment Ltd keeps under review the data that is collected and the purpose for which this data is collected.

3. Up to Speed Training & Assessment Ltd collect the minimum amount of data with regards to individual trainees/candidates. 

Up to Speed Training & Assessment Ltd require a limited amount of information so that if in the future a trainee/candidate were to request a replacement certificate that the record is sufficient from which to identify the individual. Information required is as follows:

- Name

- Date of birth

- Address

- Employer

- Gender (for equal opportunities monitoring purposes)

- Ethnicity (for equal opportunities monitoring purposes)

Where it is deemed necessary to collect other information this is held securely, used only for

the specified purpose that it is collected and for the minimum period of time required for the specified purpose.

Personal data on instructors, assessors, and internal verifiers is also held. 

4. Awarding bodies require annual membership renewal (for training providers and instructors). This exercise involves contacting instructors and assessors to review the accuracy of the information to be submitted.

5. In order to ensure that personal data processed for any purpose or purposes is kept for no longer than is necessary, Up to Speed Training & Assessment Ltd  keep under review the length of time data is kept for, ensuring that any data that is stored is for a specific purpose and does not keep data ‘just in case’. Regular archiving of data and when the data is no longer required disposal/deletion of the data ensures that data is not kept beyond the time deemed necessary.

Up to Speed Training & Assessment Ltd regularly review and cleanse it’s qualification and other databases in line with the awarding bodies recommendations, in most cases records are deleted/destroyed, in a controlled manner (see point 7), after 6 years.

6. Awarding bodies ensures that data subjects are aware of the purposes of processing data supplied by them. This include data processed about candidates, trainees, instructors, assessors, examiners and external verifiers.

7. Up to Speed Training & Assessment Ltd Data Protection Policy is distributed to all staff and made available to its customers via its website Additionally, computer systems that store personal data are secure and password protected, making them available only to those staff that need to use them. Where documentation contains personal data this is kept secure and when no longer required deleted and hard copies shredded.

8.  Up to Speed Training & Assessment is registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) under registration reference Z2924621. Scotland has it’s own Information Commissioners office.

9. Any data collected in order to process payments for training received is managed, controlled and deleted in accordance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). No data relating to financial transactions is stored electronically.

10. Up to Speed will obtain permission from all candidates by way of completing form 045 UTS Candidate Information Form for all activities undertaken.

 11. Up to Speed Training & Assessment Ltd does not to transfer data to any other party.


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