NRSWA Supervisor Unit 010 Signing, Lighting & Guarding

Duration: One day

Group Size: Maximum of 6 learners

Who should attend: All Supervisors involved with the supervision of signing, lighting and guarding.

Pre-requisites: Have some experience of / knowledge of work site surveys & identifying hazards, to establish signing, lighting & guarding requirements. Installing temporary traffic management signals, including relevant signage, etc. Protecting pedestrians, vehicular site personnel (i.e. creating footways, traffic lanes and safety zones).

Course aims: The course aims to provide learners with the skills and knowledge to perform Supervisor duties to the standards prescribed by SQA in-line with the NRSWA Act 1991, in order to safeguard themselves and others.

Certification: On completion, all learners will be registered with the certificating body SQA who will issue a certificate to successful learners. Additionally, the successful learners with be registered with the SWQR (Street-Works Qualification Register) and will be issued with a registration card. Refresher training is required every 5 years to keep your card valid.

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