Traffic Management Training

Up to Speed Training & Assessment offers Traffic management training, courses ranging from Safety Awareness to road closures and diversions to traffic signals and stop & go to working on motorways and winter service operations. The majority of courses are Lantra awards approved, ensuring you remain compliant with the industry requirements. Our courses include. We have a full and comprehensive set of courses, details of which can be found below. Our courses include
traffic management courses
  • Highways Contractor TTM ( temporary traffic management ) Awareness
  • NHSS 12a Foreman (TMF) Refresher Training Course
  • NHSS 12AB Foreman (TMF) / LTMO
  • NHSS 12AB Impact Protect Vehicle
  • NHSS 12AB High Speed Traffic Management Operative
  • NHSS 12C MLC Awareness
  • NHSS 12C MLC Supervisor Training
  • NHSS 12D Module 1 Moving Works on Single Carriageways
  • NHSS 12D Module 1/2 Static Works on Single Carriageways
  • NHSS 12D Module 3 Lane Closures
  • NHSS 12D Module 4 Convoy Working
  • NHSS 12D Module 5 Multi Phase Traffic Signals
  • NHSS 12D Module 6 RLTMO
  • NHSS 12D Module 7 Managers & Client Officers
  • NRSWA Re-Assessments (Units 101-116)
  • NRSWA Unit 002 / Unit 010
  • NHSS 12AB Traffic Safety & Control Officer
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Traffic management consultancy services

Up to Speed Training & Assessment have collectively over 75 years experience in the traffic management industry and use this experience to assist its clients in remaining safe in a high-risk environment and ensuring they adhere to industry standards. Find out more

Traffic management training courses can be arranged at our training center, or at your work place.

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Traffic management courses

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